Free Services

Bicycle Storage


High Speed Internet

Coffee, Tea and Filtered Water

Desk Rentals

Additional Services

IT support

Is your laptop not working today? The work doesn't have to stop! Bring it here, to Baobab and we will fix it right away! Until then, you could even use one of our computers. 


No need to go to the printing shop. Whether you need b&w or colored, you can get it all done here, in Baobab.

Meeting Room

Arrange a meeting for up to 10 people in our smart meeting room. A 42 inch TV, flip chart and whiteboard provided for you.

Business People Talking

Are you planning to host an event? Why not hold it here at Baobab?

Projector, speakers, kitchen, bar, coffee machine and lots more available if you choose us. 

Mailing and Registered Office Services

You will never forget to check your postal mails if you let us handle it. Any time you get new mail, we can scan and send to you within an hour of delivery. 

3 Person Meeting Room / Coaching Room

This cosy room is ideal for small meetings and your coaching sessions.

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