Baobab IT Help Desk & Support

In this busy world we live in, computers are a crucial part of our lives. We meet digital platforms – smart phones and smart TV-s... etc. – every day. These assist in our daily tasks such as work or even in our free time activities.
Our goal is to make these gadgets user friendly and safe. A personalised interactive environment where technology can become part of our everyday lives without creating addictions. 


Software & hardware support

Repaire consultation, changes damageparts, upgrade

Technikal expertise special , system optimatisation;

  •  Notebook – workstation reselling, upgrading

  •  Home-small business factory

  •  Backup, repair, rebuilding


Office hours: Monday - Friday: 11am - 4pm

BAOBAB Coworking Oasis

ADDRESS: 1114. Budapest, Kemenes utca 14.

TEL: +36 30 204 7878, +36 30 200 2314
M-F: 9am-6pm

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