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Companies today don't necessarily need their own traditional private office any longer. Many businesses are perfectly capable of remote working. If you are attempting to cut office costs, or looking to create a more convenient  working environment for yourself and for your coworkers, try one of Baobab Coworking Oasis's corporate desk sharing options. We will help you decide on the best solution based on your needs.
We offer fixed or flexible rotating desks for company workers, meeting room usage along with bar,  kitchen and shower facilities. 


Imagine yourself working in an environment where you can be so relaxed, that it doesn't even feel like working in the classic way. You can just lay back on a sofa, a beanbag, or just sit on a comfy chair. A place where you could even have your free coffee taken to you whenever you wish. In Baobab this is all possible.


We  make the place you work in as convenient and friendly as it possibly can be. No crowd, no noise, just a little island of peace right next to the busy city centre and still in a beautiful green environment. 

Whether you are a freelancer, startupper, business traveler, or just simply feel like you need a calm, inspiring place to work, Baobab Coworking Oasis is just what you need.


Coworking is when freelancers, designers, sole entrepreneurs and small companies share a common place to work.

If you still haven’t mastered the art of balancing your laptop on tiny coffee tables; if you’re tired of being asked every 10 minutes if you would like to order another coffee by the waitress at your local coffee shop; or if you've just realised you just spent another full week at home without seeing the light of day – then you’re probably ready for a coworking space.

At Baobab, we embrace the concept and as such, we’re renting out desks in our gorgeous office just by Budapest Szent Gellért square in a house that’s actually one of Budapest's protected buildings designed by the famous Hungarian architect, Emil Vidor. We welcome people who don’t want their own office but still would like to have other nice people around – folks to bounce ideas off, go for lunch or maybe devise plans for the next big thing.

We also provide our beautiful meeting room for when our coworkers who want to host clients or organise group meetings. Oh, and there’s a garden area, too!



Stay cosy indoors, breathe the fresh air outdoors. It's all here.

Super fast internet. Printer. Environment designed for socialising, solitude or a healthy mix of both.

Schedule your squad-meeting here. Use a white-board, TV, and enjoy our lovely garden view.

Your fresh coffee, hot tea and cold, filtered water is always prepared for you free of charge.

A perfectly cosy room ideal for small meetings and your coaching sessions.

No need to leave your furry friends at home, they are welcome here with some snacks and lots of strokes.

Came with your bike? Went for a run during the day? Or is your work just stressing you out? Take a shower and freshen up any time you like.

Why are we called Baobab?

It all began approx. 35 years ago when the founder had his first sighting somewhere not far north of the Zambezi. He was on a safari driving up from Johannesburg with his girlfriend, silhouetted in the sunset, love at first sight.

But there’s more to this tree than just prehistoric beauty he soon found out as he progressed deeper into natural Africa......

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1114. Budapest, Kemenes utca 14.
+36 30 204 7878, +36 30 200 2314
M - F: 9.am-6pm

BAOBAB Coworking Oasis

ADDRESS: 1114. Budapest, Kemenes utca 14.

TEL: +36 30 204 7878, +36 30 200 2314
M-F: 9am-6pm

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